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Intel boards *Grumble Grumble*

I don’t have an intel CPU in my rig, and I don’t plan on it.
Mostly because I find LGA to be a bad design on the consumer’s end.

Motherboards are more likely to be passed/laying around than CPUs so making them more fragile isn’t that smart of an idea. I guess its smart on the manufacturer’s end, cause if any pins are bent you void your warranty.

I dunno I guess I just feel like people tend to be more gentile handling with CPUs than they do Motherboards.

Watching old videos, and visiting old websites.

One thing I love about 90s videos is when they mention a website. I love trying to go on that website just to see if it still exists, or who owns it now.
It is actually kinda surprising some of the things that work. Gamespot for example at one point was “” (in 1997) and typing that in still brings you to Gamespot!

Its also really trippy when you actually reach a website that has not aged a single day since the 90s, and even thinks you need to “Upgrade” to Internet Explorer 6.

Oh oops…

Turns out I forgot to transfer over some of my latest Gamemaker projects >_>…
I guess that is fine, I could redo them, I was planning on rewriting a lot of parts anyway.

Emily what have they done to you!?

Can I also add they didn’t FIX any of the graphical problems of the original game?
Example: Town guards not holding swords. Their fingers are still in the position of holding a sword, and their wrists still look like they are broken.

I would not be surprised if they still have that glitch were the eyes and teeth are still visible as something teleports away.

What the fuck… - Fable Anniversary

Its Fable 1 with “Better” graphics.
Lets look at the Guard:
Now lets look at the guard in Anniversary!:

Snuggie Comercial

Something that just hit me after watching the commercial again after all these years. “Use your Laptop” - showing a man using a laptop on top of the Snuggie.
Yes use your laptop on top of it. Have a cloth that is meant to trap body heat on the airvents, that will go over well, you will be warm in no time.

It shouldn’t take a computer repairman to point out. “Laptop gets hot. Smothering the devices air intake/outtake is not a good idea.”
Turns out it does because someone was stupid enough to invent a “laptop snuggie" made of 100% Wool Felt.
What the fuck is wrong with people? Can’t they feel their lap heat up when they put a laptop on their lap? The Laptop has a fan to cool it, not make your legs warm.

Unplugging the old backup HDD.

The biggest speed boosts I have gotten (yes boosts) are from
A) The SSD.
B) Unplugging the backup HDD.

My backup HDD is an old WD Blue 250GB from an old Dell computer. Its slow, but It served me (and will probably continue to serve me) well.
250GB is enough for me to hold all of my music, pictures, and things that take +1 hour to download from the internet (Lets say a 500Mb patch file for an old videogame)
Its actually kinda surprising how that one HDD was slowing my windows boot time, and it didn’t even have anything relating to booting on it.

Mozartella Cheese.

Mozartella Cheese.

Just change the graphics around! Nobody will notice!

It is surprising just how many games were literally a copy of another game with new graphics. I’m not even talking about regional variations like Probotector and Contra.
I am talking about 2 games both sold in the USA, that are 95% identical, where only the graphics were changed.

Its one thing to take a platformer, change up the graphics, and change up the levels and sell that. I feel thats fine cause in a sense 100% new levels = new game. But there are games that don’t even do that!
That would never fly these days.