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Random thoughts: The Dark hour

The whole “25th hour” that only certain people experience according to Persona 3.
Theoretically if you experienced it for 24 years, you would be exactly 1 ‘year’ older than your listed age. If you were to die at “96” you would technically actually be ~100 years old.

If you had a twin who doesn’t experience the dark hour, you could fairly argue you are the older twin even though you may have came out a little after.

If somehow lived inside Tartarus (from your perspective) for ~4.16 years, 100 years would have passed in the outside world.

Random thought: That generic news jingle

You know THAT ONE. (Found at the beginning of this video)
Who composed it? Did they make any money off it? Are they sick of hearing it?

One thing I am not liking about LSDj

Nobody seems to talk about this… but how do I get rid of that “pitter patter” in the WAV channel!?
Seriously just hold 1 note on the default WAV instrument and you WILL hear a fast “puta puta puta puta puta puta”.
I have no idea what causes that and nobody seems to talk about it

LSDj on the Everdrive GB.

It actually does work, but has 1 quirk.
LSDj works in a very strange way that I don’t think any other game does, to save your songs. Because of this the EGB isn’t exactly 100% compatible.

However, what you can do is have multiple .srm saves and load those.
On my PC I made a bunch of copies of LSDj#.srm where the EGB puts saves. Later on when I make a song I’ll rename the file LSDj_(Songnamehere).srm.
It isn’t ideal for live performance, since you have to reset your Gameboy, but I don’t do live performances. I just play around with it, and try to Gameboyify various songs I like. - At the moment I am working On “Poem of Everyone’s Souls”/ “Aria of the Soul”/ Velvet room theme.

Side question: Why does that 1 song have so many names? Maybe I haven’t listened to the Persona 3 version enough, but It sounds pretty much the same as the P4 version.

Shantae is AMAZING.

I just have to say, Shantae on the GBC is AMAZING.
I am finally able to play it on a Gameboy, and just wow!

The music is really quite awesome. I always loved the GB soundchip and this game really makes it shine.
The Animation! Oh my GOD! So fluid, so awesome! I really love the little butt wiggle when you hold down, it reminds me of a cat ready to pounce.
Then there is the dancing, its all just really awesome.

This game does change colors based on what system is playing the game. Because the original GBA screens is dim, the colors are brightened in “GBA mode”. I don’t think its very much needed with an SP, specially the backlit ones. Here is a comparison GBC on top and GBA below.


Most GBA emulators can let you change Gameboy versions (You will need to reset the game) Otherwise there is this patch. This patch basically forces the game to run in GBC color mode.

I got my Everdrive GB!

After waiting months for this thing, it has finally arrived!

Gotta say though… The Stone Ager Gamer cart smells… It smells like spray paint. Hopefully that will dissipate in a couple of days.
The Bitbox case feels like that kinda plastic that old Disney VHS tapes came in. That leaves me kinda iffy, I am not a fan of that kinda soft plastic, but otherwise it seems nice, It even holds GBA games perfectly!

For the record I’d like to note the box is taller than normal DS, 3DS, and Gameboy game boxes. The height is pretty much halfway between a CD jewel case and BluRay/PS3 game box.
Since I rearranged my shelf recently It actually fits with the DS/3DS games, and before it wouldn’t have been able to.

Is it just me or is Grimrock 2 much more Brutal than Grimrock 1?

I feel like I am missing more often, and those fish people aren’t helping with their jumping out of the way.
Also I can’t help but feel even the basic enemies have had their reflex speeds turned up. - This might have to do with how some enemies can strafe now? Or they can Turn+attack at the same time?

Samsung 840EVO update

The new firmware is out, and can be downloaded on the Samsung Website as the “Performance Restoration Software”.
Just a note, this process will take a long time depending on the data usage, Capacity, and SATA version. I recommend doing this process when you will not be needing your PC for 1-2 hours.
The longest I am seeing is 4 hours for 1TB SSDs on SATA III.

MAC and Linux users will need to wait a bit longer for the software to support the file systems used by those OSs.

I should also note, the Normal 840 has not been fixed. No word if that SSD will ever be fixed.

"Its more Cinematic"

Just saying that is the worst argument for 30fps vs 60.
You want Cinematic? Ok lets make games with < 4 hour stories. - What isn’t that Cinematic? I mean movies are under 4 hours.
We could also add a bad film grain filter, little to no interactivity, and have the camera cut to all these crazy angles so you have no idea what the heck is happening, cause you know “cinematic!”

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Story nitpicks

P4AU has a couple of story modes, P4 mode and P3 mode are two main ones which tell the same basic story (Its changed somewhat) from the perspective of P4 or P3 characters.
Awesome! Well except the fact you need to unlock the P3 side by beating the P4 side…
The story is largely the same just who meets who and when they meet is really the only things that changed. It is nice to see from different perspectives, but because you need to have beaten the one to unlock the other, you know exactly whats happening.

Also can I just note P4’s perspective let the P3 characters take a larger part in the story than P3’s perspective?
Seriously I just found Yu, Chie, and Yosuke (I am decently far into the story) and they are barely saying a word in a scene they technically are in. As for the real Kanji, Naoto, Rise, or Yuki… I have no idea where they are! I haven’t heard from them since they basically made a cameo.

So far: Persona 4’s is ~60/40 leaning towards P4.
Persona 3’s is ~95/5 if you count Labrys as a neutral character.
EDIT: Switch the numbers to 90/10. Still makes the P4 characters out to be kinda pathetic…